Seven Trust Weapon teach you how to maintain a good home, solid wood flooring

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Seven Trust Weapon teach you how to maintain a good home, solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring in the use, selection and laid properly, there will be some "common", such as insects, grilled joints, noise, dirty plates, painted face, from the dark and warped, etc., then how to treat these common diseases it? Below Seven Trust Xiao Bian give you a few tips, common wood flooring can be easily treated.
A disease: insects

Because wood borers in insect bite, the floor surface can often see piles of powder, disturbing. The reason is related to the selection of the floor. To prevent infestation, one we should choose to purchase kiln dried steam injection technology to produce flooring, although the price is more expensive, but you have to kill all the eggs in the timber; the second is the careful selection of the keel, where there Poles or bark, not all.
Disease II: Grilled seam

Some floor a few days later, he appeared in a large gap between the slats. This is mostly related to the high moisture content of the floor before laying concerned, due to indoor heat or air dry and shrink. Note that the moisture content of the floor before laying should be 8% – 13% range, and should be promptly after Puwan oil.
Seven Trust Weapon teach you how to maintain a good condition of solid wood flooring home three: sound
As the quality of flooring is not high, people walking above will be issued when the crunch sound, very uncomfortable hear. To this end, we should note the difference between the keel and the ground floor and the keel is firmly bonded with the appropriate number and length of the nail. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or the moisture content is too high, otherwise the drying shrinkage after laying loose, will cause a certain impact.
Disorders IV: dirty plate
It refers to the floor after some paint, giving a unclean "overcast" feeling, and some even footprints clearly visible. To avoid this situation, pay attention to the plate surface polished to brush before oil is crucial to keep clean. Using the same species of slats, color will appear a big difference. If laid properly, it can easily showing a "painted face." In use varnished wood flooring color, especially when the color of great trees slats, you should consider the selection and deployment of the slats, so that the color of the floor of the Deep, or the gradual transition from a shallow depth.
Seven Trust Weapon teach you how to maintain good condition wood floors five home: from the drum
Some floor Puwan, emerged from the dark damp inflation. This is mostly related to the floor surrounding environment, especially water-based is too moist or floor of a relationship. To ensure that the floor can not afford drums, to pay attention to three points: First, the end of the civil works, laying solid wood floor is not immediate; Second, if the room is in a humid environment, moisture-proof floor is appropriate to lay; Third, in the laying of the floor The moisture content of not less than 6%.
Illness Six: warped
This is mainly because there is no formal wood floor drying process caused. Therefore, when you install the floor below it can be covered with a layer of plastic film, on the one hand to play against moisture and warped floor action, on the other hand has a certain sound effects. Furthermore twenty-three days in advance you want to be placed in the floor laying indoors, the wood adjust to the room temperature, but also can prevent warping.

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