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RPG and MMORPG is the fastest growing segment in the whole gaming market. Considering their popularity among people of all age groups, they are forecasted to occupy or rule the entire online gaming market. The universal appeal for RPG browser games and mobile games is surprising and outstanding. Online game communities are spending their significant time playing strategy, fantasy, trivia, and combat games. Do you think that playing these astounding games is just for fun? Well apart from the fun part, these games go a long way in improving your mental abilities and polishing your skills. These games boost up your memory, develop cognitive skills, and foster social interaction. Under virtual threatening conditions, themes like aggression, dominance, power, pain, etc. can be experienced which help enhancing the decision making and logical skills to handle the misfortunes people might face in real world.

Role playing games (RPGs) allow to experience a different fictional world virtually as you need to act as a protagonist in these games. That is the reason RPGs are getting immense hype. They offer ultimate amusement and thrill. To satisfy the modern gaming needs, hardcore gamers look for the best games available but every gamer have different and unique needs, some look for combat games having high-end action, some wants the best strategy games etc. Thus, gamers require a reliable platform which offers them a wide range of the most interesting top free browser games and mobile games to play with their family and friends.

Massively multiplayer online role player games (MMORPGs) enable you to team up or go against the thousands or millions of players all across the world. There are lots of fascinating MMORPGs are available but most of them are very expensive or have extensive system requirements, fortunately some world-class games like Hero Commander, League of Angels (LoA), Magerealm, Knight’s Fable and Spirit Guardian are absolutely free to play and don’t have any extraordinary system requirement.

A brief introduction of two interesting and attractive games is-

League of Angels (LoA): It is the free fantasy game, having intense and engaging gameplay and cutting-edge graphics and isometric visuals. It has won many reputable awards and has become the best browser MMORPG 2015. In this MMORPG, players can team up to release the angels by defeating demons and monsters and save the world from evil.

Knight’s Fable: Another browser based fantasy game which allows you to choose from 4 playable classes i.e. knight, fighter, spiritus and mage. It provides you the simplistic game play with twist based combat.

These all fascinating and addictive games are available at GTArcade. The developers GTArcade Entertainment and the publishers GTArcade.com are the propriety of YOUZU Games Hong Kong Limited established in 2009.

About GTArcade:

GTArcade is the renowned gaming platform offering RPG browser games. For more information, please visit GTArcade.com.


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