Link Removal

We’ve received quite a lot of link removal requests, people wanting links to their website removed from SEO reasons.

1. First of all, this is an article directory, meaning that the articles are being submitted by the users of this website, not by us, the website administrators.

2. If a user wants to delete a link or article that he submitted, he can simply login to his account and delete it.

3. This is the situation that lead to this page: people that have links to their site, but those links/articles were submitted by another person. They can’t login to delete them, so they’re asking us to delete them. We’re willing to help, but all these link removals take time. So we decided to have a $9 link removal fee for removing a certain link (to their website) from all articles containing it.

a. First send a $9 fee to the PayPal user:

b. Send us an email with the details of your payment and the link to your website that you want removed.

c. We’ll remove it and let you know once it’s done.

That’s it. We hope this helps solving your link removal requests.
Have a great day!