How To Write An Argumentative Essay

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To begin writing an argumentative paper, you will need to pick a topic. Next, you will have to look at the issue from both standpoints and decide which side you are going to take (preferably the side you more associate with). Once you have picked a side, its time to do some research. You need to find some logical points that you can use to your advantage in presenting your side. When you are doing your research, it is also good to think about the other sides point of view and trying and find what they may bring to the table. If you can find any valid information, you may what to refute it in your paper.

Once you have done your research, you should narrow down your points of argument. There should be several that you could logically present to back up your reason for picking this side. With this information, you will begin writing your thesis statement. This statement should be very specific and to the point.

Write the title of the argumentative paper. This should be fairly easy to do after having done research and written the thesis. A title just has to clearly explain what your paper is about.

Write the introductory paragraph. An introductory paragraph is written to introduce the reader to what issue you are going to be talking. This could include a brief history of the issue, how people feel about it, and how it effects them.

The next paragraph of the argumentative paper will be much more focused as you will begin talking about your side of the issue and how you plan on disputing your side. This paragraph should start broad in topic and slowly narrow down to your thesis and your points for proving this thesis.

The next paragraphs should discuss your reasons for picking this side and why it helps your argument. You should have points for your side and points also refuting reasons the other side may present. The usual format for the middle paragraphs of an argumentative paper is to present your points first and then counter argue the opposing sides points.

The final paragraph is the conclusion. A conclusion should reiterate your points and how they support your side. Finally, your conclusion should wrap up any loose ends by the end of it and should become broader by the end of your conclusion. A good conclusion will leave the reader still thinking about your issue and how it affects them.

This may not be how everyone is taught to write an argumentative paper. If you aren’t sure, ask your teacher. A paper is and can constantly be subjective. Learn how your teacher wants you to jot down it and create it that way. Keep in mind, I’m not heading to be grading your papers!

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