How Does Collaborative Divorce Affect Child Custody NY?

November 30, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Relationships

Although few couples think it will happen to them, countless marriages end in divorce. Thankfully, the introduction of collaborative divorce has helped lessen the anxiety and emotional toll that this process often leads to. With the rising number of family law New York firms adopting collaborative divorce, this method is starting to become a dominant solution to ending a marriage.

Collaborative Divorce is Perfect for No-Fault Divorces

These days, a lot more divorces are what is called “no-fault” divorces, whereby no involved parties have broken the marriage arrangement. Rather, both parties agree that the reasons for becoming married to start with don’t apply anymore. The collaborative divorce approach recognizes that there isn’t any need to find wrong doing, rather focusing on helping a White Plains divorce lawyer assist his client in coming to an amiable agreement with his or her spouse.

A Conflict Free Separation Is Positive For the Family’s Children

Child custody NY lawyers are in agreement that the best possible outcome for any children involved in a divorce is a process that avoids an acrimonious separation. For this reason, collaborative divorce can be extremely effective in staying away from unnecessary emotional stress in the divorcing family’s children. On top of that, this divorce process makes it much simpler for family law New York lawyers to arrive at an acceptable agreement with regards to questions of custodianship and legal visitation rights.

An Amiable Separation may help Maintain the Family’s Relationship

Today, a divorce does not have to mean the end of the spouses’ friendship. Through getting both parties to end the marriage on mutually acceptable grounds, a collaborative divorce approach makes it possible for them to maintain their their friendship following the divorce.

A Collaborative Divorce is Less Financially Damaging

A collaborative divorce, through staying away from the need to go through the courts, is far less costly than an old-fashioned divorce. Particularly for families struggling with economic difficulty, employing a White Plains divorce lawyer to help them finalize their marriage collaboratively is often an excellent decision financially.

Collaborative Divorces Help the Participants Move Forward

Due to their nature, collaborative divorces avoid the long-term emotional pain that can prevent an individual from moving forward. This is often especially helpful when talking about questions of child custody NY, because each party can work to ensure the most beneficial outcome for their children.

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