Do You Have Many Divorce Questions That You Need Answered?

December 19, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Relationships

You may have heard that you can dissolve a marital relationship by simply filing the correct paperwork with the local clerk’s office. This is certainly true, and for many marriages this can be a feasible step to think about. However, there are plenty of occasions when legal services from Texas divorce attorneys need to be used. Terminating a marital relationship is actually a legal matter, and the way it’s handled can have a major impact on your long term future.

Child Custody

Among the key reasons why you may consider working with legal professionals for a divorce relates to child custody. When young children are involved in a divorce case, you certainly should get all your questions about divorce answered by a skilled, experienced team of professionals. The court may make a decision to give partial or shared custody to all sides, or in the worse case scenario, you may lose custody of your kids altogether. The best Texas divorce lawyers can work as your representative to make certain that your children stay in your care through full or partial custody under the law.

Child Support

An additional key aspect to take into consideration involves child support. When you were married, all parties shared financial responsibility for the care and upbringing of any children. Child support lawyers can work with you to make sure that your ex-wife or ex-husband carries on supporting your children financially in every way. The ability and expertise of a team of child support lawyers is vital in this area, as you definitely do not want to accept a reduced child support payment than what’s needed to fully care for your kids.

Prenuptial and Post-Marital Agreements

You may even have general questions about the divorce process or need advice relating to prenuptial and post-marital agreements. A lot of couples enter into these types of agreements to safeguard their assets and legal rights if a divorce occurs. Now that you are dealing with a divorce, you might be thinking about how this agreement can safeguard your rights given specific circumstances. For instance, an agreement could possibly be deemed null and void in the event of adultery, however you might not have proof of adultery. Your legal team of Texas divorce lawyers can work with you to help you experience the most favorable results possible from your case.

Some marriages can easily dissolve without the need for an attorney. However, if the dissolution of your marriage necessitates the division of assets, child support payments, child custody issues and much more, you should find an established, experienced attorney to work with.

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