Wood Flooring NJ Offers Diverse Options

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Wood Flooring has always been the source of attention of the individuals for few years now and its demand has risen exponentially. The attributes such as low maintenance cost, less recoating on frequent basis and above all resistivity to high temperatures and other worst climatic conditions makes it the best option available. Wood Flooring NJ has been providing solid, engineered, exotic, reclaimed and laminated wood flooring for several years now and guarantees to last for more than 50 years at least.

Solid Wood flooring can be easily recoated after 50 years or whenever one feels it is losing its shine, it increases the value of your home to a large extent. Wood Flooring NJ offers solid wood floorings made of woods from maple or oak. But this sort of wood cannot be installed at all positions of the home since it must be set-up to a sub floor so it does not seem to be suitable to use directly over the concrete. Also moisture can cause this wood to enlarge, so it is also not recommended to put in basements. Prices may vary depending upon the variety of solid wood costing you lower for the common species and ranging higher for the exotic ones.

Engineered Wood Flooring is another category in Wood Flooring NJ which has always attracted a large community of customers towards it. It can be used directly over the concrete and even can be used in basements unlike solid wood because of the enlargement issue of the wood due to increase in moisture. It can be nailed down to the sub floor however it is installed on concrete only. This protects the floor from high temperatures and moisture. Cost is almost same as solid wood, the only advantage being the installation directly on the concrete instead of nailing down the sub floor.

Wood Flooring NJ category of exotic woods has made a remarkable place over past several years. The feature that attracts individuals to the exotic sort of woods is its rich colours and durability of the wood it possesses. Though the price of these woods in solid plank can cost you double the price of solid wood but engineered plans are the same as engineered woods.

Reclaimed wood flooring is the alternate means to recycle and not a new or fresh wood and come from several sources. It may be the ones detached from the antique buildings or removed from the old buildings. It may be found from the tree sank in lakes deep under the water. It possesses deeper, richer colours and holds a tighter grain because of the age of the wood.

Not made from wood, rather a picture of wood adjusted between plastic and fibreboard, Wood laminate flooring is another sub category of Wood Flooring NJ, and it gives a more authentic look than other categories of wood discussed above.

Wood Flooring NJ possesses a large variety of floorings ranging from solid wood, engineered wood, exotic ones to reclaimed wood and finally Wood laminated flooring.

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