What Is Clairvoyance?

November 24, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Society

People often wonder what is clairvoyance, and this is a good question because most people will have a misunderstanding about what it is and how it is used. Clairvoyance is used to gain information about a place, person, or a certain location and is often referred to as ESP. Clairvoyance has been around since the 17th century and its meaning can be broke down in to two parts so that the understanding can be made simple. The first part of the word, clair means clear and the second part of the word, voyance means vision. So it can be understood as clear vision.

When a person is known to have to have the ability of clairvoyance they are a clairvoyant all though a lot of people do not believe that others can have this gift and will sometimes make fun of them or deny that their gifts are real. Clairvoyance is very different from what is known as telepathy in that the information is said to be received directly from a physical source, rather than from the mind of the customer.

So what is clairvoyance, to fully understand, you must know that there are four channels that clairvoyant’s us, one is the cleansing, the trance, healing and physical. These four channels are used when attempting to help the person who has come to them. There are mediums who are good clairvoyants and have a strong understanding of how to use these gifts to help rather than harm people. Mediums and true Clairvoyant people will sometimes inter in to a trance that may allow them to speak with entities rather they are good or evil to help solve their clients issues.

When people ask what it clairvoyance, they are asking because they have the desire to know if these people that have the gift are fakes, or if they are able to honestly see things and speak with spirits. The answer is both yes and no at the same time. There have been and always will be true clairvoyant people that honestly do have the special gifts and while they are hard to find, if you look long enough you will find a real one. And there has been and always will be those that will pretend that they are clairvoyant, but if you were to really pay attention to them it would be come crystal clear that this people are only attempting to get your money from you.

When you ask what is clairvoyance you are opening a large subject, many people will laugh at the idea of there being real clairvoyant or mediums in the world and many others will fear them as they think that they possess some sort of black magic. Clairvoyance has been misunderstood for many long years due to those that will always pretend to have a gift, but the true clairvoyant people are out there to help you when you have no one else to turn to and want some answers.

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