Wedding Photo Albums Best Reserved to the Pros

December 2, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Weddings

The pros and cons of digital and film photography have been debated for years with no clear closure on which is better. Digital photography may appear to have the edge when it comes to more convenient storage and instantaneous display. However, some professional photographers would rather have a photo album particularly for those priceless pictures taken for weddings.

While digital storage of wedding pictures is fine, these pros say that prints of wedding photos gathered in an album can better capture the emotions during the bride and groom’s special day. They emphasize, however, that the album has to be professionally organized, for which the following pointers are offered:

. Establish a close working relationship with the photo artist, designer, or studio staff member. Ask for and study samples of their previous projects.

. Discuss with them what your expectations are regarding the album’s layout as this will largely determine how the photographer will shoot the wedding photographs.

One basic area for discussion is if the album would relate the wedding story from beginning to end. Other points to cover are where the focus or emphasis will be. Will there be more portraits? Will the album revolve more on candid shots? Is a balanced mix of candid pictures and portraits preferred? The next major consideration is the selection of the photographs that would constitute the album. Most professional photographers would allow that the couple chooses the photos in their wedding album, only providing some advice along the way. Ideally, the pictures that should be chosen are those that relate the wedding story and how the subjects would want to recall that day.

Another important element that would go into the album is its cover. There is an enormous collection of cover choices from book-binding companies so much so that one can be overwhelmed by the wide variety of options. As a rule of thumb, the choice should be made on the basis of the personalities of the couple, the style of their wedding, and their style preference.

In summary, it should be emphasized that buying a photo-book from an online source is different from ordering a hand-crafted, custom-designed album from a professional photographer and design studio. A wedding photo album has to be produced with quality in mind, with editing and layout tailor-fit to individual tastes and preferences. After all, a wedding album contains mementos and memories that married couples are expected to cherish in their lifetime.

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