Too Much Protein: Is It Excellent Or Bad?

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Plenty of folks have asked me if consuming a meal that is high with protein is actually safe. I have a few pals who’re in the medical industry and whenever I am about to reach a protein shake to purchase it, we would often argue about this: is too much protein bad for you? Several physicians have argued that eating foods with an excessive amount of protein can harm your liver and kidneys. But this has not been confirmed accurate and continues to be the subject of some debates amongst fitness and medical people. It continues to puzzle lots of people particularly those who are so into body building routines.

How do we figure out if we’re taking an excessive amount of protein already? If you ask people from the medical industry, they would say that you only need very small protein, about 1/3 of a gram per pound of body weight. Nonetheless, diehard protein fanatics will possibly tell you to take 250 to 300 or a lot more grams of protein per day. Now, where does the truth lie? It could possibly be somewhere in the middle.

The Straight Goods

Recent research by the sports nutrition industry indicates that for muscle maintenance or muscle building, a minimum of 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is necessary. For years and years, bodybuilders have sworn by the 1-gram-per-pound of bodyweight rule. This is extremely similar towards the 0.8 grams per pound that analysis has recently suggested.

The body building industry has lengthy accepted the 1 gram per pound of body weight rule. Typical individuals will greatly benefit from this rule in obtaining an accurate estimation of the calorie needed daily. I trust this rule for myself, and why is this so? It really is because they have been there and they have completed that. They’ve the body figure that most of us want to attain, too. It makes sense to follow what these folks do since we certainly see its effectiveness.

Consuming An excessive amount of Protein

But we need to usually be cautious no matter what people think, so I wouldn’t actually recommend taking in an excessive amount of protein. There was a study conducted about the effects of taking in protein towards muscle growth. If an individual consumes more than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight and he doesn’t increase his physical exercise activity levels or calorie intake levels, there will likely be no trace of muscle growth. Rather, the high level of protein affects the body’s organs in a bad way. This only shows that it really is only unnecessary and unhealthy should you keep taking in an excessive amount of protein. Not only will it affect our organs, it would only just become an useless baggage within our body.


If you have liver or kidney difficulties, or if your family has a history of such problems, you ought to stay away from consuming too much protein. High levels of protein can only harm your kidney and liver organs.


Consuming enough levels of protein need to also be accompanied with drinking a lot of water. Water plays a key role when the kidneys procedure the protein we consume daily. Have a look at this page about water if you would like to know a lot more about water and just how much we need to drink every day.

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