The Top Three Reasons to Buy Abington Clothes from Sneaker Junkies

December 31, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Product Reviews

Abington is Timberland’s high end brand of clothing and at the height of its popularity. Fashion junkies across North America and the UK are devouring this brand for its rugged durability and the fashionable sense of style that this image brings forth in any individual. There are many benefits to purchasing Abington clothing and shoes from the fact that it is suitable for a variety of crowds from the basketball stars to the 9-5 workaday individual, durability and a unique style. When these characteristics in a shoe and clothing brand are combined anyone can create that the style that they have always wanted.

The Benefits of Timberland and Abington

1.Works with any sense of style

The clothing line features many outdoor garments from tan work boots to mid length, basic outdoor jackets. The line has many solid color items. This benefits the consumer that likes to mix and match designers and brands. It provides its wearers with functional, basic necessities and at the same time, clothes and shoes that exude quality craftsmanship.

Many different types of people are drawn to Timberland for their extensive line of shoes and clothing for men, women and children. Some crowds that are routinely sporting the items include hip hop fans, university students, and the label is even worn throughout industries from business to construction.

The line is very suitable for gift-giving as the designs combine so well with other clothing. With its practical wearing capabilities and a classic style, any product in the line will be a pleasure to receive from friends and family alike.

2.Quality Products

Timberland and its high end lines are known for quality craftsmanship. The shoes and clothing are made more for just a sense of style; they’re crafted to last, and long. This makes purchasing shoes and clothing from this line a valuable investment when compared to both inexpensive and boring clothing that last and high priced brands, which are not even meant to be worn often.

It’s not unusual to have a pair of Timberland boots that lasts for years, and their winter coats have the reputation for being some of the warmest and most durable. They will last for plenty of winters without losing any functionality. The ruggedness of Timberland and Abington are part of the charm and this line and any item can easily be dressed up or down as required.

3.Make the Style your own

Due to the brand’s elegant simplicity it is very simple to combine the products with any sense of style. It’s just as easy to see a hard-rocker wearing one of the long black coats as it is to see a preppy in the exact same jacket. Surprisingly, each will make the coat look completely different and it will look right and fitting with any scene.

Timberland and its sister line, the high end Abington, provide clothes and shoes that are well made and match with any style.

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