The key Facts about Propolis that most Persons never Know

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In fact, Bee Propolis is said to protect people even from the H1N1 virus.

Bee propolis is a flavonoid and is one of the most complex substances on earth. It contains potent terpenes and benzoic, cinnamic, caffeic, and phenolic acids.

Bee propolis works against bacteria by destroying the bacteria’s cell walls and cytoplasm. Plus it inhibits cell division. Interestingly, this is also how synthetic antibiotics work. In fact, E.L Ghisalberti who is affiliated with University of Western Australia’s Department of Organic Chemistry found that propolis when combined with penicillin and other antibiotics created a “synergistic” effect that increased the antibiotic’s strength tenfold to a hundredfold.

Propolis is a breakthrough for people who are worried about their dependency on synthetic antibiotics. People don’t need to use as much antibiotics as they used to.

Bee propolis is by far more superior than any commercially manufactured antibiotic because it also fights against viruses. This is something that no antibiotic can do. Studies have seen how propolis works against upper respiratory viruses, such as the common cold and influenza. The cinnamic acid content works prevents viruses from spreading. In fact, some researchers are eyeing propolis as a way to defend people from the effects of H1N1.

You can actually use bee propolis to defend yourself from the H1N1 virus. First of all, it has been proven effective against cold and flu viruses. It may work against H1N1, too. Aside from that, it also boosts the immune system so that you’ll be free from flu complications, the real cause of H1N1-related deaths.

Who would have thought that bees offer more benefits than just the pollination of plants and production of honey? Studies have found out that Propolis, a resinous substance collected by bees from plant parts such as the leaf and bark, can be used as a solution to one of the most pressing problems of females of reproductive age-infertility.

Using bee-Propolis for treating female infertility has been the subject of various studies that all show unified results-that bee Propolis can be used as one of the best natural treatment options for women. How such substance works its wonders needs to be studied more in detail.

Among the benefits of using bee Propolis for treating infertility include working as an antioxidant to protect the cells of the body and that of the reproductive organ from the harmful effects of free radicals similar to how anti-aging substances work. In addition, it blocks the action of the enzyme aromatase and prevents it from metabolizing estrogen, thereby keeping estrogen levels normal.

Bee Propolis also has preventive effects against endometriosis and certain sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from using Bee Propolis for treating female infertility, the substance offers other benefits such as treating burn injuries and serving as a toner. Males can also enjoy benefits from utilizing bee Propolis products because these do not only address female infertility problems but those of males as well.

With the discovery of bee Propolis, women can now have a safe and sound, at the same time, effective solution to infertility.

These days, bee pollen, propolis, honey, and other bee related health aides are becoming all the rage. Renowned for their high nutrient content, they are used for treating and preventing a variety of ailments and diseases.

I am an alternative medicine practitioner, and a professional in applying Propolis originated from bees to get rid a lot of diseases.

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