The Choice Of Accessories of Concrete Batching Plant

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The Choice Of Accessories of Concrete Batching Plant

The environment and the choice of accessories is a very important aspect of the construction, how to choose the most suitable terrain? How to determine the position of the plant? How to choose the right accessories(mobile concrete batching plant on sale)?

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After the purchase of finished mobile cement concrete batching plant, construction of the main attention is whether the concrete batching plant environment-friendly issues. First, the choice of sites Flake Cement Silo, to ensure that the distance from the site to feed nearly enough to ensure adequate water, and away from residential areas. If you can make full use of the potential hillside, the yard is located on a higher plane slopes can reduce the height of the feed ingredients machine, both to save energy, but also to reduce wear and tear. When installed equipment base to avoid the attention of above and below ground cable electric mobile concrete mixer, power supply or communication cables.

2. The choice of batching plant

Such as site wide, preference should be given inclined belt conveyor way. If used in road construction, you need to choose fast-mounted, modular structure of the batching plant. If the site area is limited, consider steep Ribs belt. However, in humid environment sand stone, steep Ribs belt sticky sand disadvantage return belt, the belt below shakeout quite serious, commodity concrete mix to consider the utilization factor of sand.(portable concrete batch plants for sale)

3. Detection Instruments

If equipped with sand moisture tester, microcomputer control, depending on the moisture content of sand, can realize online water is automatically adjusted. Slump detector applications that can effectively observe the commodity concrete homogeneity.

4. Aggregate Batching Machine (Scale) selection

Mini mobile concrete batching plant to determine a reasonable device configuration. Select the aggregate supply manner, preferably using feed loaders.

When the aggregate scale of measurement is a cumulative scale, when measured separately from 2 to 4 scale. To ensure there is enough storage for each aggregate amount of material each aggregate can be designed as two scales ingredients.

If the construction requirements are lower, the choice of two kinds of dosing machine Accumulated aggregate measurement; If the project has special requirements, you must use three kinds or four kinds of aggregate batching scales cumulative measurement, even measured separately for each aggregate the batching machine.

mobile mini concrete batching plant

Use other scales, according to the needs determined configuration cement scales, scales fly ash, powdered additive scales Flake Cement Silo, scales and water scales and other liquid admixtures.


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