The Benefits Of Apchin Design Corp’s Custom Home Designs

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There are many people who would like to have a home built from the ground up but do not know where to turn for a custom home designs. This truly is the most important aspect to building a custom home. The firm that is selected for this crucial stage of planning should be able to create a custom home designs that works with the client’s vision and matches with their lifestyle, while providing a variety of services and offering a warranty. Once a customer finds a home designer with these qualities, he or she can begin planning their layout, which will result in the home of their dreams.

How to look for a Custom Home Planner

1. During the Consultation

Make sure that the designer is truly listening. It’s important that the home planner will make a house plan that harmonizes with the owner and his or her surroundings. The designer should be taking into consideration factors such as, where the home will be built, the lifestyle and daily activities of the customers and their family, and other unique specifications that can be factored in. Of course, the home designer will have his own style and the customer should look at the firm’s samples to see if the service is the right fit.

2. A Variety of Services

The custom home designer should provide a variety of services, to offer their customers as much assistance as possible. This can include anything from the consultation right up to the management of the construction phase, when the home is being built. The benefit of a service that offer this comprehensive range of support is that the vision remains consistent and the plan will stay on course, unlike the changes that are bound to occur when a customer is passed from one professional to the next.

3. A Warranty is Provided

The best warranty to obtain after having a custom home built is a 2/5/10. This is the most comprehensive third party warranty in North America and covers very important factors such as:

• 2 year materials and labour

• Coverage for defects in the first year

• Coverage for defects in materials and labour in common areas of a multi unit property for 15 months

• 5 year building envelope warranty

• Coverage for defects in materials and labour for: plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and exterior products such as caulking windows and doors for 24 months.

A warranty is necessary for safeguarding against any manufacturer or labour defects and a generous warranty such as the 2/5/10 will give the homeowner the peace of mind in knowing that their home will be covered in the event of any necessary costly repairs or replacements.

Custom home design provides the future homeowner with a layout that matches their lifestyle and personal tastes. Combined with a comprehensive service and full warranty the building project will be seamless and successful.

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