Self-Righteous People – Good or Bad!

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Self-Righteous People – Good or Bad!
“Self-righteousness”. This behaviour results in people giving their own point of view more credence than the viewpoints that others express. And this is not necessarily a “bad” thing! But where it leads to problems is where the essential balance between the viewpoints of ourselves and others isn’t maintained by business coach. He become “captured” by the “rightness” of our own viewpoint, and give it more weight than is healthy for our relationships with those around us. People who are very knowledgeable are particularly at risk for self-righteous behaviour.

Self-righteousness is about our unwillingness or inability to accommodate anyone else’s viewpoint. It’s fairly obvious that this damages our relationship with the people who hold those other viewpoints, and this in turn damages our ability to secure and maintain their support for our goals.

Do you think that you are good enough to make it into heaven? Then, you are self-righteous. You think you are righteous in your own right without Jesus.

Self-righteousness is therefore self-defeating. If you’re busy being right all the time, it’s time to realise that the damage this is doing to your relationships isn’t worth it, and that it’s time for a personal shake-up. It’s also time to realise that any damage to your relationships is damage to your accomplishment.

Self righteousness doesn’t work. No one, by his or her own effort, can achieve the perfection that God needs. There is only one way to attain righteousness, and that is through Jesus Christ, God’s unique Son. He came and died for you so that you could become holy before God. All of this was done so that God could bless you and commune with you for small business consulting. God loved you first, then supplied your need. It would be terribly disrespectful to turn Him down on His amazing offer.

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