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Restless leg syndrome symptoms can keep you up at night, ruin your sleep and make drawn-out sitting an excessively painful and aggravating problem. So what do you do? Well envision it or not regardless of what your symptoms are you can get relief and a cure. Let’s take a look at some of the most common restless leg syndrom symptoms to see whether or not you have them. If you’ve got the symptoms you most likely have RLS, but don’t worry, there are cures available! Read on to learn more or skip straight to a reliable cure at

Firstly, what are the restless leg syndrome symptoms? Symptoms can include:

* An urge to move or start exercising, moving the limbs and body. These urges usually come near the legs or in the legs but can be anywhere else in the body as well including the upper body or arms.
* Worsening of the symptoms the more the person relaxes. This is why sleeping is such a headache for RLS sufferers. Sleeping, sitting and other cushioned activities can provoke the symptoms.
* Relief when moving. The more you move the lesser the symptoms occur or are provoked. If you have restless feelings at night and you move to relieve them this is a sure indicator you have RLS.

While there are many other symptoms that can range drastically it’s best to consult a doctor if you’re seriously worried. For the most part RLS is not a very urgent problem to worry about although in some people it can imply circulation issues, which is very common. Fortunately there are home remedies and cures that work just as well as a doctor’s prescription or advice.

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