Restaurant Managers are Experts at Executing Plans

November 23, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Writing & Speaking

The first step to building a high profile career, and fast tracking your restaurant manager career then you need to understand what a goal is. This doesn’t mean a personal goal, a short term goal, or a career goal. You need to understand what a corporate goal is. You need to understand how to identify a goal, outline obstacles, and explain the goal in a way that the board members and decision members will be able to understand what is needed.

The most important aspect of a corporate goal is the ability to explain the benefits and how the goal will positively effect the bottom line. If the decision makers cannot present your ideas to investors, the bank, or board member in a way that quiets any objections then the odds are good that the plan will never get off the ground.

What is a Corporate Goal?

A goal can be anything you want to achieve. It is very rare that any plan will have a singular goal. It is also important to prioritize and ‘problem solve’ in the early stages of the planning process. Not all goals are all worth chasing. Studying the ‘Art of Execution’ will help you understand what is necessary to planning and executing a plan.

There are some very defined elements to the art of execution that need to be adhered to if you want to change behaviour patterns and learn how to turn your dreams into a tangible reality.

. Avoid emotional based goals. The goal must be tangible when you finish or else you won’t be able to measure success. If the goal is not ‘real’ then the tasks needed to create a strategy will also be insubstantial. They will be swallowed up in the day to day ‘real’ jobs.
. Eliminate goals that you cannot describe verbally and communicate effectively.
. Eliminate goals that do not have benchmarks and milestones. Can you accomplish X by a certain date? If not, strike that goal from the list.
. Scratch off solo goals. No one is an island. No one can build an empire single handed, or it isn’t an empire. You need to have input from others. You cannot do all the work alone. Once you have help you need to learn how to identify achievers and understand how to reward them so they will perform better.

Once you understand how to make plans it is important to practice execution. Once you can identify the different elements of a well designed plan it is necessary to study the Law of Execution. Many people are excellent planners. Sometimes they take months, even years, creating we well developed plan. Unfortunately, their plans never come to fruition because they lack the skills needed to turn their ideas on paper into tangible applications in the real world.

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