Procedures and Requirements in Green Card Renewals

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The US immigration system issues an alien registration card for permanent residence, informally known as “green card”. With the issuance of a green card, all non-US citizens are privileged to reside and work in the United States for a period of time. Thus, foreigners issued with green cards are encouraged to undergo green card renewals, to update card registration, for a permanent abode in the United States.

Green Card Renewals and Processes

Each green card is officially made effective for an indefinite period. Yet, there’s a proposal pushing expiration dates to be applicable to all green cards. Though this isn’t implemented yet, green card holders are promoted to have green card renewals during the arrival and departure from the US. The Customs Border Protection or CBP facilitates this event. It’s a must to do filing when requesting for green card renewal. Filing process of card renewal can be made 180 days from the time of expiry.

Green Card Renewals and Requirements

Mentioned below are the essential information and common requirements on green card renewals.

– Form l90

In compliance to the standards, green card renewals require the filing of Form l90. Aside from using this form for the renewal and replacement of permanent residence cards, Form l90 could also be used to bring personal information up to date, especially for instances of name modification. However, this form cannot be used to apply for the removal of renewal/ replacement conditions, or to extend the citizen’s residency status. Form l90 can be downloaded online and filed electronically. You could also obtain in paper form.

– Validity and Expiration Date

Although green card effectivity is indefinite, permanent citizens with green cards are encouraged to have their cards renewed regularly upon departure and arrival in the United States. Green cards are valid for 10 years.

– Changing Names, Renewal Requests and the Renewal Duration

For all green cards lost or destroyed, the cardholders must fill-out the Form l90 and file it as soon as possible. Upon marriage in the United States, green cardholders must also submit a Form l90 to update their names. It takes about 6 to 12 months for the process to complete.

– Proof Needed for Green Card Renewal

Temporary documentation will be provided for the temporary documentation requirement for the cards are subject to green card renewals, until the process completes. This temporary documentation will last for 1 year, prior to its issuance.

As stated in the standards, green cardholders may travel outside US but are limited to a specific length of time in foreign land. You may request for a reentry permit to lengthen your stay outside US.

To Obtain a Green Card

– Must be married to an US citizen
– Be sponsored by a Family Member
– Be sponsored by an US-based company
– Have green card investment
– Through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Updates on green card renewals should be checked frequently to know the current rules and processes.

A Green Card or Permanent Resident Card can serve as proof of one’s legal permanent resident status in the United States Of America. If you want to discover how to make application for a Green Card or how you can renew it, visit Green Card Renewals and Green Card Maintenance now!


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