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Have you ever wanted to improve your skills in poker, now you can with Poker Training Network (PTN) and get paid at the very same time? This is a Review of Poker training Network (PTN). This data in this article can assist you establish if it is the company for you or a whether or not their products are worth investing in. I will also take a look in the company’s compensation plan and a look at their marketing blueprint for their distributors. This is an ought to read article because it can tell you how you enhance your skills in poker and aid you make some additional income at the identical time.

Poker Training network is a network marketing company that sells poker education and training. The company objectives are to improve poker players by educating players on the game. The company launched in 2009 and it is located in Addison, Texas. Dennis Nadeau is the founder and CEO of the company. He has an impressive background with MLM and fortune 100 companies. The company has a solid leadership team.

Poker Training network Products

The products are for anyone, whether or not you are a beginner in poker or an skilled veteran. You have lessons to improve your understanding and abilities in the game of poker. The lessons are accessible in video, podcasts, game rooms, and simulators. This is the education portion that is named Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). They also have a Poker Edge Product for $299 which is the enhanced training. You will really feel like you have an expert sitting with you teaching you along the way. Poker Edge consists of an advisor, outcomes tracker and a simulator.

Poker Training Network Compensation Plan

As an Poker Training network distributor you have several methods to earn commissions. The commissions consist of retail sales, team commission, matching bonuses, global leadership pools and revenue sharing. The company follows a binary pay plan. To grow to be a distributor you pay $49.95 and you are required to pay $19.95 monthly. They’ve a very solid compensation and you will likely be able to create some great commission using the company.

Poker Training Network Marketing Blueprint

There is a huge problem. They don’t have a solid marketing blueprint for their distributors. They recommend that their distributors do home shows, MLM events and recruit their family members and friends. This is an old conventional way of developing a business. It still does function but you need to have the ideal personality or you fail like 97% of other distributors. You have to put yourself ahead of the competition by becoming a leader and making use of personal branding. That could appear tough to position yourself as a leader but it is straightforward to do if you have the suitable network marketing training. 95% of distributors that join PTN is going to fail since they lack marketing training, lack lacks, cash flow and a duplcatibale system.

In conclusion, Poker Training Network seems to be a solid company that will reach new heights in the future. They’ve solids products and lucrative compensation plan. In order to beat your completion, you must have the ability to recruit people into the business. You will not be able to make a 5-6 figure income with just selling products in any network marketing company. If you sponsor does not have a step-by-step marketing plan, than it’s time for you to get one.

Poker Training Network is a very solid company but you must learn how to beat out your completion. For a step-by-step marketing blueprint that will help you generate leads, put cash in your pocket within 30-90 days, marketing training and a duplicate system visit; Poker Training Network


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