Phoenix Landscaping Advice for Homeowners

December 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gardening

Desert landscaping in Phoenix can be quite a challenge due to the extreme heat and unexpected weather such as high winds, dust storms and monsoon downpours. The effects can be rather disturbing to a homeowner’s landscape. However, despite these natural realities, here are several tips to maintain and improve your landscaping in Phoenix, Ariz.

Protect Plants from Weather Extremes
It’s not uncommon for temperatures in Phoenix to range between 120F and 30F year-round. These extremes will cause significant stress on plants, bushes, trees and cacti. When the temperature is extremely cold, cover them with a light blanket so they insulate themselves. When temperature is extremely hot, consider creating shade to protect them from the extreme sunlight.

Conservatively Irrigate and Water Landscape
Water is on the mind of many Arizonans and specifically conserving the use of water. Don’t leave a hose on overnight with high pressure as the water will seep into the earth and spread and not actually target the plants where the need them. Using an irrigation timer to slowly dispense water to plants will put you in greater control of their watering schedule, save money and know you’re taking care of your desert landscape.

Choose Desert-friendly Plants, Trees and Bushes.
In addition to water conservation, the other factor to consider is the use of desert-friendly plants, trees and bushes. A good desert plant, bush, tree or cactus is one that requires minimal water, thrives in sunshine and can handle weather changes well. For ideas and information on desert plants to choose for your landscape, visit

Trim Your Trees Before They Grow Wild
Phoenix residents are familiar with severe weather such as dust storms, torrential rain and extreme heat. Trees are the biggest risk as they can grow uncontrollably and even break due to weaknesses in the trunk. Trimming trees regularly helps ensure consistent growth and tensile strength to high winds.

Use a Qualified Landscaper and Check the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
When considering a professional landscaper in Phoenix, be sure to check the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at AZROC.GOV. You want to also check around for recent customer reviews by way of Google Places, Yelp and member-only review sites like Judy’s Book and Angie’s List. If you have concerns, be sure to raise them with the business owner directly before doing business with them.

Arizona residents should invest in their landscaping (front, back and side yards) as it pays its dividend in compliance with local laws, receiving compliments from neighbors and helps minimize complaints about landscaping reaching into a neighbor’s property.

Phoenix residents can apply these tips free or low-cost themselves. Thinking strategically about the spectrum of weather changes, humidity and erosion will keep their landscape healthy and lasting many years.

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