Personal Selling Power: Three Easy Mindset Maneuvers For Becoming a Successful Personality

July 9, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Self Improvement

Personal Selling Power: What’s this?

Anybody with true “personal selling power” can advise you that it is really not difficult at all. In , it comes easily to those with that successful personality disposition. You know the kind – invariably smiling, rolls with all the punches, never appears stressed, two vehicles in the driveway with a well taken care of yard, and just appears to have all the time in the world. We can sit back, pre-judge and disapprove, or we could take a page from their book. I opt for the latter. Because it is not the fact that they’re rich or “well off” that justifies the reason for satisfcation in their life… it has to do with the personal power they have been able to successfully acquire in their life, and the money is simply the by-product. People who receive a huge inheritance or win the luck of the draw could just as well be strapped next year if they never learn how to put personal power in their life to work for their benefit.

Personal Selling Power: The Belief Methods

So now that we realize that having personal selling power has to do with possessing a successful personality, we have to notice the others with successful personalities and take note in their belief method. It is the belief of those with personal selling power to believe that there is no such thing as losing. So we really require to view the result of every little thing we do as a result. We always advantageously find an effect brought about by something of some kind after each attempt. I love to think of the story about the little child who’s learning how to hit a ball. He takes the ball and the bat out to the yard and tosses the ball up and swats the bat… and it’s a swing and a miss… once, twice, 3 times…. Up to 25 times he keeps trying and he continues missing. Then, he proudly announces, “I sure am one heck of a catcher!” There is a by-product to be learned from each trial. If we take into account the by-product as a learning encounter that we might tweak and attempt again, there is no such accomplishment as failure!

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Personal Selling Power: Taking responsibility…

Those folks with unconscious personal power who appear to have all things going their way… take note that they assume or suppose they bring about their own future. If you believe that you have no command whatsoever over the destiny that you end up with, you’re fated in near future to fail. As it says in Proverbs and from every personal power coach today… “As you think, so shall you be”. The purpose of taking personal responsibility for that which has happened to you is not for the intent of causing you to feel guilty or ashamed. Here’s the thing: If you assume or suppose that whatever happens to you, simply occurs and you possess no command over it, then you have positively no command over the future. Nevertheless, if you admit accountability for that which has happened to you in the past, then you possess the power to create the future into whatever you want, and you are able to be as profitable as you desire to become!

Personal Selling Power: Learn Ways to Take Action from Personal Power…

Simply possessing the understanding of personal selling power without ever trying to put it into action will get you nowhere. Just like the cross country jogger. Do you think he was born running? Do you think that the first opportunity he tried to run he could simply take off and go for miles with no burnout? Of course not! He has to constantly attempt to advance the added mile, even though he feels like overworked! It is called stretching. We all really require to “stretch” our lives a little and buckle down to go just a little bit past our comfort zone with each attempt. The good news is that you stretch from that point in which you’ve at present stretched yourself. Only a little stretching each day, and you’ll look back at yourself a year from now and find a perfectly different individual. The new you will own real personal selling power!

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