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Some people claimed that it does wonders but others believe it is just another snake oil’s medicine used by some con men to trick the public.

Upon checking some medical literature, it is not hard to see that propolis seemed to be an important subject only in certain parts of the world. Most research done are from China, Brazil, Middle East and Russia. The number of medical journals on propolis by Western researchers are incomparable to the other parts of the world. However, that should not dissuade us from finding the truth about propolis. What we need to know is just whether it has any real medical benefits. we just want to know if it is just a useless part of the beehive or a substance that could be used to treat humans as much as it has been used to treat the bees.

Propolis is beneficial in treating dental problems. In fact, doctors have actually been using propolis solution as a standard liquid in dental surgeries. The solution is considered natural, safe and a valuable secondary treatment to treat gum diseases or wounds. A few studies done have shown that propolis help reduce the number of days needed for a wound to heal. That is one truth about propolis.

The reliable and confirmed truth about propolis is the fact that it is an effective antibiotic. A study done in Australia has actually shown propolis to be multiplying the effectiveness of antibiotic by up to 100 folds. This study paved a way for more studies on the probability of combining propolis with antibiotics in the near future. This will help reduce the number of side effects associated with antibiotics since a smaller dose of antibiotic can be used alongside propolis to achieve the same effect.

Propolis is not a snake’s oil like some claimed. And it is also not a wonder drug some health maniac want us to believe. It simply is a substance worth studying more for the benefit of the masses in the near future.

Welcome the new star of organic healing: Bee propolis. This is a yellowish to reddish brown substance that bees use to coat their beehives and serves the bees the same way as construction workers use cement.

A bee’s propolis resin holds together the bits and pieces of a bee hive, making it a formidable home for bees. This resinous substance comes from tree sap and resin that bees mix with their enzymes. What is great about this resin is that it is so much more than a construction tool for bees.

Propolis also defends the bee hive from bacteria and other diseases. Did you know that the interior of bee hives are as safe as operating rooms? That is their naturally made propolis working its magic. Just as it keeps bees safe from disease, propolis can also protect humans from bacteria and viruses. In fact, Bee Propolis is said to protect people even from the H1N1 virus.

Bee propolis is a flavonoid and is one of the most complex substances on earth. It contains potent terpenes and benzoic, cinnamic, caffeic, and phenolic acids.

Bee propolis works against bacteria by destroying the bacteria’s cell walls and cytoplasm. Plus it inhibits cell division. Interestingly, this is also how synthetic antibiotics work.

I’m a scientist that has been conducting study on locating some great benefits of Propolis, produced by bees, to human wellbeing.

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