No More Excuses for Scuba Diving

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Sure you’ve got great excuses why you haven’t been diving lately: can’t leave the house because the Nobel Committee might call, you have been subpoenaed by prosecutor, cannot get your new tattoo wet.

Time still isn’t exactly on my side

Make a date to go diving at least once a month. Chisel it in stone by getting your buddy to agree to a date and then reserving spots on the boat/hotel/campground. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how you can get your other obligations, lawn mowing, cat bathing, hernia operation. cleared up beforehand when you’ve got a firm date set. Have an alternate dive plan for each date. If the ocean blows out, you can hit the bay or the quarry and still dive.

Now get out a calendar and apply that to the whole year’s schedule trips of different lengths and distances. Then list the coming years and next to them put a “wish list” of dives you are going to do before you make your final ascent. Great whites, orcas, Edmund Fitzgerald, Coral Sea, etc. Be realistic. You may not be able to do one each year; schedule one major trip every two or three years, but plan it now. Don’t forget to schedule training. If one of your diving goals is to do the caves in the Yucatan or a deep, technical wreck site, you’re going to need special training.

I have a lot of gear problems

Maintain your own high-quality gear or rent from someone who does. Owning your own gear and maintaining it properly is the best way to be confident and ensure you won’t have any problems. Gear prices haven’t gone up much in 10 years (and some have even come down), while the products have become more comfortable, reliable and technologically advanced. But, if you can’t make that kind of investment yet, consider local sources for renting equipment.

Your local dive store will give you a package deal on rental equipment when you travel. You’ll probably save money over a resort rental, and stateside shops usually have better access to repairs and parts for maintenance. Most importantly, you can dive with the equipment before heading off on your trip.

I’m just not motivated to go diving

Surround yourself with dive-related inspiration. Clip a magazine photo from each of your big-time wish-list destinations and stick ’em where you’ll see them in the basement next to the yellowed Farrah Fawcett (or David Cassidy) poster and calendar. Glue your face into the pictures if that helps (the dive pictures, that is).

Put up a map of the world and buy a box of colored pins to mark where you’ve been. Cover the entire map or die trying. Decorate your office/cubicle/toll booth/prison cell with snapshots of yourself from dive trips. Use the ones where you have that big goofy smile and wetsuit compression has trimmed you down to high school proportions. Positive reinforcement never hurts.

Develop an interest within diving. Use scuba as transportation. Back home between dives, you’ll be going over slides, researching wrecks, studying marine biology and you’ll be itching to get back in the water.

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