Many Married Couples Have Community Property Debt

December 4, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Relationships

For some people, concluding a marriage is relatively clear-cut. The married couple perhaps may have only been married for a couple of months and may have amassed little in terms of assets or debt while married. There may be no children involved, negating child custody conflicts. However, for many other couples, their financial circumstances have been intertwined for years or even decades. In addition, the couple may have a number of children, and custody issues as well as of assets and debt has to be dealt with. When ending this type of marriage, you should seek the advice of a Texas divorce lawyer.

Division of Marital Debt

Many couples who end their marriage today, have community property debt. This community property debt may be relating to a home loan, personal credit card debt, student loans and other forms of debt which have been gained throughout the marriage. One option to split up the debt is to simply get rid of all assets acquired in the marriage until the debt has been fully paid off. This can include selling a house before a divorce is terminated, selling any automobiles and more.

Division of Marital Assets

A Texas divorce attorney can also give you advice about how you can divide assets in a fair way. Texas divorce temporary orders might be issued regarding which partner has the legal right to remain inside the family property while the divorce is finalized. The attorney is able to work together with you to make sure that you don’t surrender rights to assets that you are actually eligible for. For example, half of all assets gathered throughout the marriage may be yours, and this includes funds in your spouse’s retirement accounts, pension plan and more.

Child Custody

A divorce attorney can provide you with the services of a custody lawyer San Antonio Texas. Custody of children is a significant concern, and Texas divorce temporary orders may be issued throughout the divorce proceedings regarding short-term custody and visitation rights with the children. Your custody lawyer San Antonio Texas can assist in structuring a reasonable custody agreement. However, should you have a reason for seeking full custody of your children, your lawyer can assist in pursuing this as well.

Divorce is a major event in a person’s life, and it must be handled with great care and skill to ensure that you benefit from the best outcome possible. An attorney can assist with the division of debt and assets along with child custody arrangements. Talk with an attorney today for a preliminary consultation.

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