Managing Stress and Avoiding Work Injury

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“In the wake of the recent recession, many workers have experienced increased levels of stress either due to increased workloads or economic insecurity. Although a certain amount of stress is to be expected, stress in the workplace can be costly because it affects not only workers’ well-being but also companies’ bottom lines,” reports AOL Jobs.

Additionally, workers who have increased stress levels may be more likely to sustain work related injuries – particularly around the holidays when many people are working overtime and trying to wrap up year-end commitments.

In fact, a recent Accountemps study found the following:

– 25% of workers indicated that the holiday season is “somewhat more challenging” and 14% found it “much more challenging”
– Almost 25% or workers indicated that their workloads are “much too heavy” or “somewhat too heavy” (29%).
– Less than half of workers do not notice a difference, saying that there is “no difference” in their holiday workload (44%) or that their workload is “just right” (47%).

If you find that you are stressed – during the holiday season or any time – there are steps you can take to reduce your stress levels and decrease your chances of sustaining a work injury. For example,

* Employee Assistance Programs: Contact your HR representative. It is possible that your company offers an employee assistance program to help you deal with work-related stress.
* Exercise: Working out is an excellent way to reduce stress and get in shape. Choosing a work out that focuses on the mind-body connection like yoga is very effective toward controlling stress levels and teaching you relaxation techniques that you can use while you are at work.
* Massage: This is a great way to get some of the tension “worked out” of your body. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to have an hour to yourself to focus on relaxation – free from emails, Blackberrys and other stress-causers.
* Alternative Therapies: There are many “alternative” methods of relaxation that have been practiced for thousands of years. However, many people do not think of them as ways of controlling stress even thought they are perhaps the most effective. Examples include acupuncture and reiki therapy.

The common theme to all the recommendations above is giving yourself a break. Taking preventative measures to control stress levels can help you avoid unhealthy side effects of stress, including work related injuries. While it does not have to be one of the things suggested above, find something that you do for yourself for a short period of time every day. You will most likely notice a difference within the first couple days.

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