Make your Kid a Professional Footballer with Extensive Soccer Training Session Plan

August 22, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Games

Soccer is an integral part of different local cultures all around the world. It’s something so positive that it brings smiles to kid’s faces even in the worst of circumstances. In most places, simply entering into a field with a soccer ball will win you immediate access and instant friendships into a local community. Soccer is a sport that requires lot of multi-limb co-ordinations. The top level players are those that can perform these movements with optimal speed and control. The technical ability, coupled with the tactical awareness, is the major differentiator among average and top-level players. The technical soccer training session plan is very important for the younger age groups striving to learn this sport.

As per the scientific research, around 85% of technical ability to learn a sport can be acquired before the adolescent period. From a physical standpoint, soccer offers one of the best ways for a child to get a strong physique through participation. An average soccer player runs approximately 7 miles throughout the course of the game; the mix of sprinting with endurance running develops muscle strength as well as aerobic & anaerobic capabilities. There are many techniques to master in the sport; above all, a player should be technical, tactical as well as temperamental. For kids, it’s highly recommended to enroll them in the professional soccer academy to learn its tactics thoroughly. Today, there are many clubs and academies that offer most effective soccer training for the children of different age groups.

First Kick Academy is a leading soccer academy in Singapore that offers most effective sports coaching courses for different age groups among children. The different courses are designed with flexibility so as to offer the best possible assistance as per your requirements and the allocated budget. They have planned and divided the training program as per a child’s specific age group which includes 4-6 years old, 7-10 years old and 11-14 years old respectively. Due to the lessons being divided by a kid’s age and development, it prevents injuries and ensures that the trainee gains confidence and enthusiasm for the sport. First Kick Academy offers the best exposure and atmosphere for your kid to master the sport. Their proficient coaches have been picked from the different walks of life & are required to undergo On-the-job Training (OJT) before they start coaching.

About First Kick Academy:

First Kick Academy is a leading soccer training academy that offers best training & tailor-made courses for children to help them gain full command over the sport. It also conducts different soccer theme parties so that your kid gets a fun-learning experience. For more details, visit


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