Important Points on Green Card Renewals: Processes and Desires

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For all alien residents in the United States, the US immigration authority provides a permanent residence card, or “green card” to officiate the permanent residence of these citizens. Through this special registration card, citizens who are not naturally born US citizens are permitted to work and reside in the US. In conclusion, non-US citizens with green cards are encouraged to have green card renewals, for them to update their card registration, allowing them to permanently sojourn in the US.

Process of Green Card Renewals

Green cards are functional for an indefinite period. The legislative department of US received a proposal concerning the inclusion of expiration dates on all green cards. However, this is not yet mandatory. Although it’s not imposed, involved citizens still encouraged to have green card renewals when leaving and returning to US. This process will be made possible by the Customs Border Protection (CBP). Filing is required for the renewal of green cards to take place. For a period of 180 days prior to the green card’s expiration, the owner may start the process of green card renewal.

Necessities for Green Card Renewals

Cited below are the general requirements and necessary information about green card renewals.

– The Form l90

Filing of this form must be done on green card renewals, to comply with standards. Form l90 can also be filed to update personal information, particularly involving name modification. However, Form l90 cannot be utilized to extend a citizen’s status of residency or be used for renewal and substitution of green card conditions. According to your preference you can download and file Form l90 electronically. You may also use physical documents.

– Expiration Date and Validity

Though the functionality of a green card is indefinite, permanent residents with green cards are persuaded to undergo card renewal when leaving and arriving in US. Ten years is the given validity of green cards.

– Renewal for Lost or Destroyed Green Cards and Name Change

Cardholders who lost or have tampered green cards must file Form l90. Marriage in the United States also requires this form for name change. Normally, it takes 6 to 12 months for the process of renewal to complete.

– Permanent Residence Status Confirmation

For the on-going green card renewals, temporary documentations are provided as a requirement for this process to complete. Temporary documents last for a year upon its issuance.

Green cardholders are allowed to travel outside the United States but are limited to a definite length of stay in foreign territory. Reentry Permit may be considered for travel extension outside US.

Application for a Green Card

– Marriage to a legitimate US citizen
– Family Member Sponsorship
– US-based company Sponsorship
– Green card investment
– Green card lottery

For a hassle free residence in the US, foreign resident having green cards must comply with the requirements of green card renewals and must keep themselves posted for further announcements.

A Green Card or Permanent Resident Card can serve as proof of one’s legal permanent resident status in the United States Of America. If you want to discover how to make application for a Green Card or how you can renew it, visit Green Card Renewals and Green Card Maintenance now!


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