How To Earn Money From Playing Games

January 9, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Games

Being paid to play games is a dream of virtually all gamers around the world. The very thought of it makes us grin ear to ear — but we all realize that it is impossible to play video games and make cash, right? Wrong! People do it on a daily basis and more gamers are finding out how to begin with no experience and no formal education. But, don’t be fooled — the work isn’t as care free as some individuals might envision.

What You Are Required To Do…

If you can get beyond the repetition, then specialized game testing may be for you. Unfortunately though, most gamers are too used to gaming for fun, so the notion of playing the same video game (if not the same level) for countless hours is an immediate deal breaker. The boredom speedily catches up with them and they admit defeat before they make it past their first week. Now, add in the fact that the tester is continually writing and filing bug & glitch reports, and you’ll be able to quickly see why this “profession” is not as glamorous as some people think.

These reports that you’ll be filling out are not all that elaborate. You simply write down (or type) any glitches and bugs which you came across while playing your allocated levels. Describe what happened, how it happened, and where it happened. The software engineers and coders use this information to hunt down the game’s errors instantly. If your “instructions” are not clear, they’ll get lost and won’t be able to do their job effectively — meaning that the blame is left on you. To avert problems, be certain everything is explained plainly from the get-go. Be professional, don’t use slang and/or teenage-punk lingo.

How Much Can You Make

It is hard to say with assurance what gamers — who play games and make money — actually earn. It could be well under $150 per week or it may be as much as $800 weekly or more. How much you will make really depends on the game firm that hires you as well as how hard of a worker you are.

Considering that video game testing is normally paid on a per job basis, the harder & quicker you work, the more you are able to make. On the other hand, you need to understand that it’ll do you NO GOOD to speed through your assignments simply to make extra money. Quality should never be traded for quickness in the world of expert game testing.

There is no question that you’ll have tons of fun as you play video games and earn cash — but you’ll have to recognize it’s a real job that you’ll need to take seriously. After all, if not for game testers, well, the gaming business would be in serious trouble.

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