Get to the Top of Google Using YouTube Exposure: Simple Formula for YouTube Beginners

July 30, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Business

Getting to page one of Google is speedy and simple with YouTube links…

As a search engine optimization geek, I’ve dabbled a lot with back-linking techniques for getting to the top of Google. Nevertheless I’ve just realized that which I’d been doing for the last year can be blown up ten fold by adopting an easy linking technique that utilizes YouTube Exposure.

If you enjoy making YouTube videos, that is an amazing talant, and I would advise taking advantage of it! Why? Because YouTube has an Alexa rank of only 3! “Alexa” refers to the way websites are rated on Google; the lower the number, the more liked the website. And so an Alexa score of 3 means it’s the 3rd most popular site – globally – on Google. And why should you care? Because at any time you link your personal site to a YouTube video, then your site is way more probable to be seen! It doesn’t even have to be a decidedly consuming video, because merely the appearance that it’s a YouTube video justifies that Google sees it as “popular”, and hence will rank it with a more advanced page rank than other sites!

Getting to the top of Google with YouTube exposure is conceivable even if you’re camera-shy!

Unluckily for me, I am camera-shy and despise getting before a camera and talking. So that is where internet promoting is problematical for me, however that does not mean that I cannot create a YouTube video! There are a few different procedures to get YouTube exposure without the need to reveal your face.

With screen capture software that records the screen (I use Camtasia), you can construct videos in a few different ways. First, if you prefer to construct it quick and easy, just record a screen shot of your blog section, and explain why your reader might prefer to check out your blog and the way it might value them. If you have the gift of gab – even more improved! This way, you can hide in back of your amazing photo on your blog post, and tell a testimonial story of someone you know who has taken the recommendation of your blog and how much you desire to help others with this same information.

Getting to the top of Google is possible even when you get nervous with public speaking…

You could create a PowerPoint slide presentation, and read a script with each slide. (Of course, once you get skilled at talking, it’s even better if you don’t read!). This can additionally work as a great means to assist you “get your feet wet” with YouTube exposure. Simply click “produce and share” and make it into an MP4, and then upload to YouTube.

YouTube exposure is actually easy for both the really brave and the really shy. Once I began linking my blog pages to YouTube videos, my leads began to double! My recommendation is to use your team blog site as your focal point website to link YouTube videos. How come? On account of the recognition of this team blogging system is so massive that the Alexa score is actually lower each time I log on! At the point in time of this article, the rank is close to 800 – that’s 800th most well-known out of millions of websites – and it has only been active for 6 months since its beginning launch!

From your customized team blog with your photograph, you are able to link to a YouTube presentation to assist you in “getting to the top of Google”. Or, even more improved, you can embed the YouTube video inside directly on your blog page. This will aid your blog to become more favorite, on account of people will remain more time on it to watch the video.

Adopting YouTube exposure by putting the YouTube link within your photos on your blog page is really valuable. People have a tendency to prefer to click on images – do not ask me why – but it works! If they click your image, they’re allowing you additional YouTube exposure! And with more YouTube exposure, you’re getting to the top of Google faster!

However first, you’ll prefer to set up with your team blogging method, because you need a blogging platform for attaching your YouTube links. Fortunately, the platform is too a coaching for people desiring to promote online, so you are able to learn methods of getting to the top of Google with the best online marketing strategies.

Furthermore, better yet, the course of action itself actually pays out 100% commissions, so you are able to accumulate the funds you really require to maintain your business as you educate yourself ways to promote via the internet by getting to the top of Google. CLICK HERE to go to Nancy Harnell’s blog with step by step presentations that give a reason for how the system works!


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