Game Testing Job Positions Are Just 3 Steps Away – How To Start

January 2, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Games

Gamers all across the globe would definitely give up their current employment in a minute if they were given the opportunity of becoming a paid game tester. The paychecks are good, the work is easy, and it is truly enjoyable to do! While I cannot actually turn you into a pro video games beta tester overnight, what I am able to do is show you how to become a game tester in 3 simple to follow steps.

Step 1: Put Down The Newspaper

Think looking in the newspaper for “beta testers wanted” ads is a good strategy? Well, you are completely wrong. Game testing businesses & videogame developers are certainly not stupid. They do not want the “novices” of game testing — the sort of people that just found out how to be a game tester a week ago. Having said that, don’t expect to poke your head around a newspaper and locate lots of advertisements for professional games testing opportunities; it just isn’t going to happen, period.

Step 2: Keep Working, Keep Applying

Nobody claimed it was going to be hassle-free, so do not presume it will be. You’ll have to start ACTIVELY hunting for video game testing facilities and game development companies. Begin compiling a list of names, companies, & addresses and start sending out your beta testing resume. Will you get back lots of responses? Uh, no — probably very few, if none at all, to tell the truth; but that’s okay, you are new.

For anyone having trouble locating developers to apply to, then I recommend that you invest $20 to $50 in a reliable beta testing guide — it’ll list & update companies and can tell you who’s hiring as well as ways to get their attention.

Tip About Resume: Be certain that it is professional and highlights your LIFE LONG experience with video games. They have to KNOW you’ve been playing games your entire life and have the essential skills to test their games.

Step 3: Be A Free Beta Tester

Testing video games for free is a vital step of how to become a video games tester. How come? Simply because game developers despise having to spend funds, even for necessary testing & evaluating. Can you guess how they feel about getting an UNEXPERIENCED tester and paying this individual? Not very thrilled to put it mildly. With that being said, you need to just suck it up and Offer to test video games for free. This is going to create far more interest in your application and you’ll be on the fast track to getting your first few beta game tester references — provided you do a good job of course. You have to know that in the world of video game testing, references are king!

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