Four Visual Merchandising Tips For Seasonal Shopping

December 22, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Ecommerce

It’s the time of the year when stores go all out with themed visual merchandising to lure shoppers for the busiest time of the shopping calendar. Passing by holiday-themed window displays is a tradition when it comes to the visual merchandising plan for many stores, and competition is fierce. Creativity is at its highest during this time of year and with that in mind let’s look at four tips for creating unique window displays. When considering these tips in combination, they will help insure that any window display will make the visual merchandising really pop. Keep in mind that these tips apply to window displays year round as well.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to effective visual merchandising is theme window display is a feast for the eyes, and if it has a strong them it will be a more effective selling tool. For example, a theme of ‘Christmas Morning’ would be a good way to show off an array of merchandise for any store. Think about a family around a tree, opening gifts while other gifts nearby are already opened; all of which are things that can be bought in the store. Things that could be highlighted in this sort of display are clothes, toys for the kids or tools for dad’s garage. A strong theme like this is a good base for an effective holiday visual merchandising campaign. The second tip is to remember that colour matters. Colour is one of the most effective ways to draw a shopper’s attention as well as the ability to evoke emotion. This is especially true during the holidays when colors like red, green and white evoke thoughts of Christmas, and warm tones of browns and oranges remind shoppers of the colder weather and therefore clothes they need to stay warm. The theme of a visual merchandising display can lead to choosing the most effective colors to draw attention and make someone want to visit the store.

While thinking about colour in visual merchandising, the next tip that goes hand in hand with it is accent lighting. Shoppers are drawn to light and the right type can effectively highlight specific products. While spotlights and colored directional light are great tools, think creatively about how light can move. Maybe a mirrored ball hanging above the Christmas Morning themed living room becomes a reflector for small spotlights directed at it. The reflective light could give the window display a feeling of virtual snow softly falling, reinforcing the overall theme of the holiday or time of year.

The fourth and final tip when it comes to holiday visual merchandising is to make sure to display products in a creative way. When it comes to visual merchandising in a large display window, think about all the dimensions that are at your disposal and also varying the height of products. Remember that customers come at all different heights so they will be looking at the visual merchandising from different viewpoints so give them plenty of options for where their eyes can wander.

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