Finding the Right Lighting Scheme for a Rooom

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Within the realm of interior design, lighting plays an intricate role. It is the element that strikes the entire mood of the room creating a range of emotions for you and your guests.

Artist and Craftsman, Louis Comfort Tiffany Understood this concept when handcrafting his beloved Tiffany lamps. He had a fascination with light and his revelatory work in stained glass led him to find new ways to meld electric lighting into his well-known designs. In 1885, during his work on the Lyceum Theatre in New York, Tiffany managed to utilize electric lighting and his distinct designs for an one-of-a-kind lighting experience. In 1899, he introduced his nature-inspired, intricate Tiffany lamps that have set the mood in homes for many years.

With Tiffany style lighting, you can create a number of different moods in your home. Tiffany’s dragonfly designs offer an whimsical feel for any room of your house. His early works lend a more masculine atmosphere to a room. Other Tiffany lamps project simple, feminine beauty characterized by floral patterns.

Let your mind free and think about how each room in your house will be used. This will help you to decide what type of lighting you should purchase while still fitting into your budget.

There are four basic types of lighting to consider, and they each have their purpose.

Ambient lighting provides light for the whole room. When choosing ambient light sources, you may want to think about installing a dimmer adaptability. Some examples of this type of lighting are: recessed downlights, cove lighting, valance lighting sconces, track lighting, chandeliers and portable fixtures.

Task lighting is ust that. It is intended to help in completing the task at hand such as cooking, school work and grooming. To assist you, it should be glare free, and effective without cause eye strain. Some examples of task lighting are: valance lighting, pendant lights and portable fixtures such as desk lamps.

Accent lighting focuses on illuminating a specific object like wall art, a statue or an architectural element of your space. It is brighter than ambient light. Wall washers, sconces and track lighting are examples of accent lighting.

Natural lighting comes through windows and skylights depending on the time, season or weather. It varies in intensity and brightness.

Lighting makes you feel safe and comfortable in your home. When modifying the pattern of the lighting in your home, you should develop a plan covering the purpose, the desired mood and how you want to emphasize decorative and architectural elements. The style of lighting such as sconces and lamps can add to any room. This concept was at the core of the works of Tiffany, and his vision still influences the way we light our homes today.

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