Creating Custom Wedding Invitations With Wedding Invitation Software

March 5, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Weddings

Planning and creating wedding invitations can take time if you are doing everything by hand. However, with the number of technological advancements today, there is an abundance of software so that you can create exactly what you want in no time. One of the main reasons to create computer software invitations is that if you need some ideas, these programs generally include wedding invitation templates that you can modify to create custom invitations. This is much less intimidating than starting with a blank page. Once you create your wedding invitations using the software, all that is left is printing the invitations using the templates.

Printing Custom Wedding Invitations

If you have a large guest list, printing your invitations using software can save you a significant amount of time. Once you decide how you want your invitations to look, you just need to place your paper in your printer’s paper tray, and press the print button. To make sure you haven’t overlooked something it’s a good idea to print a test copy to make sure your computer software invitations are set up the way you want.

Addressing Your Envelopes

In addition to actually printing the information on your invitation, the software can help you print your envelopes in a snap. Handwriting the names and addresses on the envelopes can be a fun group project but typically takes a lot of time and when there are more than a couple of people performing the task, you run the risk of having varying levels of “quality.” You basically generate a list of your guests, making sure to include their names and addresses, and then import this list into the wedding invitation software. That way, all the information is printed uniformly and looks professional.

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