Considerations for Choosing Swimming Pool Deck Drains

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Trench Drain Systems (TDS) is a leading supplier of trench and channel drain systems for residential applications. In addition to having a full line of products used for walk-in shower and driveway drainage applications, they carry an attractive assortment of swimming pool deck drains that are chosen for both their safety features and great looks. Their website,, is the No. 1 site for trench drain system sales and services and is a resource for information on various trench drain related topics such as finding replacement grates, installation methods, product comparisons and custom trench drain applications. They have seasoned professionals committed to providing quick solutions to the client’s trench drain requirements.

TDS represents the largest names in trench drain manufacturing including Polycast, NDS, Multidrain, MEA, Zurn, Smith-ACO and Infinity. These manufacturers produce an assortment of channel materials that can be used in pool deck applications, such as fiberglass, HDPE, polymer concrete and concrete former systems. TDS also utilizes a core group of niche manufacturers for custom design or decorative grating projects. Thus, they are able to offer comparative pricing on competitive systems so the client can make a well informed decision.

Pool deck drain selection is a balancing act between functionality, aesthetics, safety and cost. Functionality is the first parameter to consider. Some of the questions that need to be asked are: How much water does the drain need to capture and where will the water drain? What size of drain will handle that volume of water? What is the heaviest load the grate covering the channel will experience?

Once the size and length of the drain is determined, the drain grating is next to be determined. For pool decks with a lot of bare foot traffic, safety and economy may be a higher priority. Plastic perforated or tightly slotted covers will be safe on the little feet and will be less costly than metal grating. Plastic channel drain products come in an assortment of sizes and colors to help match the outside décor. For functional and economical swimming pool channel drain systems, consider the Zurn Z880, NDS Mini Channel or the NDS Dura Slope.

For poolside hardscapes for a more mature clientele, aesthetics may play a higher role in the selection process. Stone reinforced grating by Jonite, custom perforated stainless steel, or decorative cast iron grating (Iron Age) may just add the right accent to the living space. Channel systems are available which are used for these specialty grating products, such as, Smith-ACO, MultiDrain, MEA and Polycast. TDS will be able to assist you in selecting the system best for your application.

Trench Drain Systems (TDS) is located at 3201 Jones Blvd., Easton, PA 18045. They can be reached toll free at 866-570-2333 or 610.638.1221 and fax at 610-438-6223. To request a quotation, contact them online at In addition, they offer installation services for select projects in the eastern U.S. Trench Drain Systems services Florida and Caribbean marketplace. For more information on a wide range of quality pool deck drains visit: trenchdrain.
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