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First time parents and young mothers always look forward to welcoming the newest member in the family. The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting and overwhelming moment especially for first time parents. All sorts of questions keep popping in – how is the birthing process going to be, will they be the ideal parents for their child, is there a risk of having postnatal depression, can they cope with the demands and responsibilities of taking care of a baby? All these apprehensions and exhilarations are normal. Ask any parent who has been there.
It is a natural instinct for a young mother to ask questions and seek opinions about parenting. However, listening to the negative things will only make her feel inadequate. Young mothers can do fine as older women do. Every mother, regardless of age, is capable of embracing the responsibilities of parenthood. There are practical pieces of advice that young mothers and first time parents alike can follow.
Get enough sleep.

Not getting adequate sleep over a long period will eventually wear out a mother. Therefore, when the new-born sleeps, the parent should also sleep. This is to better prepare her for the coming months when the baby starts teething.

New-borns can develop good sleep habits.

This may take quite some time but mothers will definitely benefit from this in the long run. Creating a bedtime routine is best rather than resorting to rocking the baby to sleep all the time. Place the baby on a Crib Mattresses Burbank in a dark and quiet room for his Bedtime Feed.

Do some patting and shushing techniques to pacify the baby.

The gentle patting and shushing techniques to pacify are better than jiggling the baby. Babies are already familiar with these sounds when they are still in the womb. The mother may feel silly while doing these, but most new-borns are easily soothed instead of jiggling or walking them up and down the stairs.

Have some parent and baby bonding.

Both parents are encouraged to create a strong bond with their new-born. Skin-to-skin and eye contacts will significantly help in the development of the child’s psychological health. Babies love the warmth and touch of their parents’ skin. They also love it when their parents look into their eyes. Simple actions like cuddling, breastfeeding and talking to the baby while looking into the eyes are good starters to help develop a bond.

Have fun and socialize with the baby.

First time parents and young mothers should never think that because they now have a baby, having fun and socializing will be a thing in the past. Mothers in particular have the tendency to neglect themselves. They can find something fun to do that does not have to be time-consuming. Going out for a walk with the baby in Strollers San Gabriel is already a good activity.

Babies have a lot of needs, but the responsibilities that go along with parenthood is nothing compared to the love and joy that the parents can experience. Feel The Experience With Your Child and Visit Our Website and there you can see Wide Range Of Collection for your Cute Little Angels at KidsOnlyFurniture


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