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Passion for cars and art is a never ending attraction unless you value its worth. But if you have passion for both then what’s better than its fusion? Engraved art is one of the befitting choices for those passionate lovers who are enthusiastic about cars and want to hang its art on their home walls, office walls, aside the cupboard or anywhere. It’s made from engraving art designs on hard surface making designs by cutting grooves on it. Engraving from hard rock surfaces has now transformed into digital vector format done by engraving on tablets by a digital stylus. But due to hi-tech modification, the process of engraving is not easy to do; it requires perfection and maestro skills which are not everyone’s job.

There are a few perfectionists who make the masterpiece with spellbound beauty engraving on metal pieces, nameplates, wood mobile cases, labels and many more engraving objects. But engraving cars blueprint is a beauty that requires prowess about cars to make the exact design. Engraving corvette poster, BMW model series, Dodge model series, and so on can be done. And not only designs, if you want to add up a quote along with it, then engravers can also beautify it. Hard wooden mobile cases are also engraved with your car designs. The wood case can be of cherry color, walnut, rosewood, bamboo or anodized aluminum.

The cases are designed from real cut wood skins along with a sturdy polycarbonate casing that protects your device from any jolts or bruises. You can select any picture which they engrave in art form on the surface. The designers do extensive research on your design, if you would like to add on some specifications they apply it beautifully, sending you back the final design. After the engraving process, a special acrylic paint is applied on the engraved areas, which provides it disparity and more tailored with various colors. Final artwork is then cut into frames using custom cut metal frame including hangers and wires.

The wood color is selected accordingly like cherry wood for Camaro sign, and the work piece is given finishing by applying glue and coats of polyurethane at the end finishing.

If you are looking for such perfect spell bounding car artwork, then Engraved Blueprint Artwork is what you are looking for. They offer such maestro designs and artwork for car patterns on metal frames and wooden mobile cases on competitive prices.

About Engraved Blueprint Art:

Owned and operated by Engraved Colorado, Engraved Blueprint Art is a business offering engraved blueprint of cars like Corvette sign, Ducati poster, Lamborghini poster any many more on metal frames and wooden mobile cases including different colorful woods. For more information, visit


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