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Okay, first off, a business to business advertising is absolutely in no way different from any other advertisement. Because you were selling to corporate rather than direct consumers, a separate advertisement category called “business to business advertising” was created that’s all there is to it. A separate category does not entitle a different approach. When you sell luxury goods you are selling to them to a select category of people. In the case of business to business advertising, just think of the corporate group as a different bunch of people.

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I have seen plenty of business to business advertising and most of it is dull and lack luster, as if people who make the decisions in business houses are not humans but some sort of robots. The common argument that the corporate decision makers simply go by hard facts rather than the sleek approach of the business to business advertising is totally out-dated and obsolete. When you sell a super luxury car to the CEO of a company will you prepare a dull pitch? If not, then why prepare a dull business to business advertising pitch when you sell him office security or whatever? After all, the person is the same in both cases.

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While I was working on a science project during my high school days, my dad once said to me “son, your teacher doesn’t care how much you know about the science behind the project until she knows how much you care about the project”. Over the years I came to realize that the same truth applies to advertising also – especially Ecommerce web solution. The corporate honchos sitting in front of you need to know and feel that you believe in your product. They need to see that enthusiasm in your eye and in your business to business advertising pitch. So for heaven’s sake, stop those dull ads that explain in detail how the darn thing works. Yea sure they want to know about that too, but not initially. They need to know the details only after they’ve been sold on the idea or product.

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Take a look at all the business to business advertising ads you see out there. The ads are laid out as if you are teaching some school kid why your filing cabinet is better than the competitors. For God’s sake, the business to business advertising even has bullet points for advantages and highlights. Are the corporate decision makers not swayed by sleek movie presentations or sexy business to business advertising with racy music? Then why on Earth would you prepare business to business advertising with the dull bullet points? When it comes to business to business advertising, remember one simple rule – the people sitting in front of you are people i.e. humans who are easily swayed by sleek quality and also bored with dull presentations. So next time you are at an Social media marketing plan meet, breathe out some fire.

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