Bosch Hedge Trimmer, Would It Be Best If I Purchase Battery Powered?

July 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gardening

Specification of the Bosch AHS 52 LI

The Bosch AHS 52 LI hedge trimmer is a powerful top class cordless hedge trimmer. It has a controllable 52cm length blade which showcases Bosch’s ‘anti-stall’ technology which helps to restrict harm to the machine if the blades cannot cope with the size of branch it is cutting . The AHS 52 LI has an 18v lithium-ion battery that, when fully charged, can last up to 50 minutes of prolonged hedge cutting. Once finished, it only takes 3 hours to charge the battery, which makes this machine ready for it’s next use. The hedge trimmer is nice and very light weight, making sure that this trimmer is usable by anybody, weighing in at only 2.3kg. This is mainly thanks to its lithium-ion battery, which is wonderful at storing more charge than ever before. The machine is supplied complete with the battery charger.

The Bosch AHS 52 LI has extremely good quality blades. The blades are 52cm long and the tooth spacing in between each of the blades is 15mm so the hedge trimmer can cut through nearly all types and sizes of of garden hedge. The hedge trimmer’s blades are laser-cut, diamond ground blades for an excellent cut and designed to last longer than standard steel blades.

The fresh design of the Bosch AHS 52 LI means that the hedge trimmer has a great balance and a great ergonomic design due to new re-design and now utilizes a cushioned grip handle. The hedge trimmer is amazingly light weight (only 2.3kg) which is up to 30% lighter than comparable tools. This means that you can use the trimmer for longer and you will feel more comfortable using it before your arms begin to ache.

The machine must be operated with two hands and there are two different safety switches – one on each handle to prevent accidental starting of the hedge trimmer. This ensures safety for the user, and ensures control over the hedge trimmer.

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect which means you can start trimming hedges at any time as the battery has negligible self-discharge. You will additionally find that the battery does not gradually lose power like conventional lead batteries. Instead, the battery will continue at full power and then begin to lose power only at the end of its charge. This means the Bosch wil last longer than the majority of other battery powered hedge trimmers. The Bosch AHS 52 LI has an 18v lithium-ion battery which will additionally fit other products in the Bosch series like the Bosch ART 26 LI battery powered strimmer. The charge time of the battery on the Bosch AHS 52 LI is 3 hours, so you can be cutting hedges in no time!

Accessories for the Bosch AHS 52 LI

You may be questioning what else you would need to go with the Bosch AHS 52 LI. Well, there is the Bosch hedge trimmer lubricant spray, which keeps the blades and cogs lubricated as well as the Bosch hedge trimmer clippings sheet which gathers the hedge clippings beneath as you trim. We would always advise that you put on head and eye protection.

Bosch Hedge Trimmer


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