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Some are saying — “This stuff cures stretch marks completely!” Others say — “It works out o . k, Reckon!” Numerous consumers say — “It doesn’t work! Give me back my money!”

So what’s the consensus on bio-oil stretchmarks remedies? What the heck is in it? So how does it work? I will try to answer these kind of burning inquiries below.

Bio-oil is a formulation of several natural skin oils, like Calendula Oil and also Rosemary oil, mint Oil, and is infused with Vitamin An as well as E, almost all ingredients well-known for their usefulness for treating maladies in the skin. You’ll discover references to certain 2005 Swiss-Union research as evidence of all these claims, but by looking a bit deeper you will notice that participants of the research only found that the overall look of skin damage had been improved, not really that the scar issues had healed or decreased. To be able to really improve stretchmark scarring, a treatment that enhances the production of collagen should be used.

And while it might not necessarily cure the scarring you have already, it functions very nicely in unison with products that do boost collagen production, by helping provide a ‘double whammy’ effect. In the event you apply it during pregnancy, one shall have little or no stretch-marks at all.

The ingredients:

? Calendula: This particular ingredient helps with balancing the uneven colors on the skin tone.

Bio-oil is among the newest and greatest so known as miracle cures becoming touted as the solution to obtaining rid of stretch marks once and for all. But does this remedy live up to the buzz?

A test of the bio-oil stretch-marks treatments reveals that it contains a number of products well recognized to assist reduce the appearance of stretch-marks. You will find a few topical treatments in the marketplace which are proven to increase collagen, but unfortunately bio-oil isn’t one of them.

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