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The Benefits of a Paleo Diet

December 31, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

It’s called the “Serenity Diet” and it’s my personal version of the Paleo Diet. The diet plan excludes processedunnatural and genetically modified foods. Its sugar-free, gluten-free, low-starch formula is designed to help you successfully overcome depression, and irritability, while working with your Intelligent Body to repair its digestive health, hormonal balance, and emotional tranquility. It read the article »

Different Perceptions of God

November 25, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

The concept of God varies from soul to soul depending on each individual’s level of evolutionary growth. When the soul is in its “baby stage,” it views God as a parent who looks after it, protects it and nurtures it. Our very own existence relies upon our faith in this God to take care of read the article »

Self Realization and a Kundalini Rising

November 25, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

A good percentage of people who are initiates to a kundalini rising have no prior understanding or perspective of the spiritual path (at least in the current lifetime) and therefore, the experience can be shocking and somewhat enervating. Adding to their confusion and bewilderment, medical professionals still regard phenomena affiliated with kundalini emergence as indicative read the article »

Living with Heart-Centered Intention

November 9, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

Get out of your head and into your heart. When you respect the present moment you become a medium for the will of the living uiniverse. The ego is removed from the equation. It’s only at this time when the heart is allowed to lead the mind. This is what I call “living with heart-centered read the article »

Wellness Coaching: Oxygen and Cancer Prevention

November 9, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

After World War II, they had an excess surplus of it and needed to dispose of it, which was expensive because it is a toxic waste. Therefore, they were in need a way to get rid of it cheaply – so they decided to use it on humans to kill cancer. Unfortunately, in the process read the article »

Your Health: The Benefits of an Alkaline pH

November 9, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

About 4 billion years ago, before the earth contained an oxygen-based atmosphere, the principal forms of life on earth fed on simply two nutrients: sugar and protein. Stored inside the DNA of every living organism today lies the memory of this biological fact. The very first living cells lacked a nucleus (prokaryotic cells) and nourished read the article »

Wellness Coaching – The Candida Cure

October 19, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized

His name is Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist from Italy who has been a longtime proponent that cancer is a fungus, specifically the comparable Candida fungus that, in a less advanced and more benign state, can cause a broad range of diseases from vaginitis to irritable bowel syndrome to CFS. Currently, if you have cancer read the article »