Article Marketing System: 3 Step Strategy to Market Your Blog

August 2, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Business

Article Marketing System to Buildup Search Engine Optimization to Market Your Blog…

Does article marketing work? It really depends on the article marketing system you are using, when answering this inquiry. Some say article marketing does not work, however once you take advantage of the article marketing system I’m presenting in this article, you’ll notice that it really does work to generate concrete “article marketing success” to get free of cost internet leads!

Promotion with articles and blog posts has been my sole source of prospects for over a year, and yes, I am making commissions by way of promoting completely online! Consequently if you like writing, you will like my new article marketing system for earning money!

Step# 1: Determine what you prefer to post about…

So you get established by determining your target market. For instance, if you are retailing a health and wellness merchandise, you will want to write something that attracts the attention of someone who is intrigued in health. For example, “Ways I lowered my Cholesterol with these Three Easily Steps”.

Make sure you choose your target market…

It’s best in this sequence of events to tell a story utilizing your own individual content or that of one you are acquainted with who has battled with fighting cholesterol. The more personal issues and trials in your story, the better. Folks like to become aware of information relating to other people’s problems! Make sure you do not mention the merchandise in the article; attest only to the emotional struggles that lead up to adopting your awesome merchandise!

Step #2: Seek out your Keyword Phrase…

Once you have figured out your target market and you possess a confirmed concept of what you desire to post about, begin with deciding on your keyword phase. You can get this at the free of cost website brought up in my video at the link beneath this article. At this website, just paste in the keyword phrase you have in mind to write about. Here, you are able to find out how many searches for that phase appear on Google per month, and whether it has low, medium or high competition.

If you are utilizing my recommend free article marketing system, then you will desire to select a keyword phrase with assorted words that receives between 100 and 2000 searches per month with low competition. Experiencing difficulty coming up with a phrase? Simply type in the issue you desire to write about, and the system will let you know what is being searched for relating to to your subject matter.

Step #3: Use linking strategy to promote your blog…

As mentioned above, you will want to link to high page ranking sites to buildup Search engine optimization. Google rates on two things: relevance and popularity. Using your keyword phrase all over the article makes it relevant; pointing to high authority websites make it popular.

So point your articles in the article directories to your blog and to YouTube, bringing up popularity. Then, in your blog post, link again to YouTube and your lead capture page.

You need to be careful not be seem too promotional in your articles, as the directories won’t accept promotional articles. By adopting this “article marketing system” to market your blog, in time your blog links will work their way up to the top of Google!

Whether you are using article marketing to market your blog with purpose to promote other lines or not, you can be sure to have article marketing success once you pay attention to you the instructions in this article in my article marketing system.

And, the best high page ranking blog post to link to might be a community blogging system that you are able to adopt favorably in the article marketing system I charted above for you. My blogging method has internet marketing educating within it and allocates 100% commissions. Combine the blogging with my article marketing system, so you can learn more exceptional marketing secrets while you write! Whether you’re adopting my method to promote your blog with purpose to advertise other products or not, you are able to be sure to have internet promotion accomplishment if you follow the instructions here in my article marketing system.


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