Advice on Bringing Dogs To Weddings

November 22, 2012 | Author: | Posted in Weddings

Dogs are lovable creatures that rightfully deserve to be called man’s best friend. These charming animals have nothing but unconditional love for their masters; being there through both good and bad times. No matter what happens, the furry little guys will forever stay loyal to their owners till their last dying day.

When taking barkers to attend special occasions, there are several points that should be taken into careful consideration beforehand, especially in the case of weddings. That being said, temperament evaluation is the first thing any pet owner should do before the event takes place.

It’s important to ensure that the dog can stay well-behaved throughout the entire nuptial ceremony. Gauging how the pooch will react in front of large crowds is a big factor for determining whether it can attend or not.

Knowing how it responds when walking is also essential for telling if the doggy is to walk down the aisle peacefully. “While dogs can be great to act as a ring bearer or even a ‘groomsdog’ (walked down the aisle by a groomsman), the last thing any couple wants is an unruly animal disrupting their vows and special moments,” says Jessica Pennington, owner and lead planner at Stella Event Design, Southwest Michigan.

Any sort of pet has the tendency to get extremely unruly, especially dogs, which are naturally inclined to prance around when they think their masters of having a blast, or bark loudly at people they don’t know.
Considering how it’s possible for these animals to give into their natural instincts, having a trusted handler make sure it stays in check at all times would be very helpful. When selecting any handler, consider the size and temperament of the dog first, and then hire someone who has the physical build and social skills to manage it if/when it gets a little unruly.

Moreover, ensuring that the pooch feels comfortable with its handler is vital – some canines may not warm to strangers very well, so introducing them ahead of time would definitely be helpful. Also, some couples may ask the handler to walk their pets down aisles, as it’d be a much safer alternative then having a 5-year-old niece do it.

However, despite all preparations made to keep a beloved dog under control, keep in mind that they’re just animals, so things might take a sudden turn for the worse when everyone least expects it to. In such emergency situations where the beast goes wild, having someone readily on standby to take him out (to the parking lot perhaps) is recommended.

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