A Behind The Scenes Look At Forms of Orchids

December 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Gardening

Did you realize that you can find 113 species of Cattleya Orchids? Properly you’ll find, and they all come from South America. They are named soon after a man named Sir William Cattley who was the first person to grow them outside of their native habitat. These lovely orchids create huge, elegant flowers and they’re a favorite of orchid breeders. Sometimes they can generate flowers which are six inches across.

They come in almost each and every color imaginable except for the two colors that you simply never wish to see on the body, which are black and blue, unless of course you will be wearing them.

They’ve an exciting structure. The number three plays an extremely crucial function in their design. They’ve 3 narrow petals and 3 broad petals, but 1 from the broad petals types what may appear like their mouth. But in contrast to us, they don’t use their mouth to eat, it truly is just for show.

Cymbidium orchids are also known as boat orchids. Why? It’s due to the fact they look like boats. Not truly. Actually I do not have a clue why they’re known as this.

There is precisely 52 species of cymbidium orchids. This can be an exciting number since this can be the identical number of cards that you simply will find in a deck of playing cards. All of these species originated in Asia and some of the bigger species are in a position to grow at high altitudes.

Cymbidiums tend to produce flowers which might be slightly smaller than Cattleyas. In fact, their greatest flowers often be only 4 inches across. But they do generate a superb quantity of flowers. Most of the time their will create no less than ten flowers or a lot more.

Would you think that dendrobiums are 1 with the greatest species of orchids? There are roughly 1,200 species of dendrobiums inside the globe these days. These beautiful orchids original come from Oceania, which is the region encompassing Asia and Australia. With a family as large as they have, is not obvious that they would need to come from a big portion of the world?

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